Holy Week and the Crucifix at St. James Academy


The Story of this Crucifix – A Father and a Son

At the opening of our new Catholic high school, St. James Academy in the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas, our chapel needed a Crucifix.

A friend and donor approached me regarding a nationally known artist who created life-like representations of people from various walks of life. My friend talked to this artist about creating a life size, real depiction of Christ’s Crucifixion. The artist not only agreed to do the work, but placed it first in front of 19 other commissioned projects. My friend generously agreed to fund the Crucifix.

Upon arrival at St. James, our staff, students and parents were so moved by this realistic depiction of the crucifixion that we held a special viewing for the community to reflect on Christ’s sacrifice and love. Visitors from outside our school still come to our chapel to witness this moving piece of art.

Finally, the artist himself visited our chapel. The story he told about his work was equally moving. The Crucifix held great meaning for him because the model for Jesus was his son from whom he had been estranged. As the production continued, he and his son reconnected and their relationship was renewed.

A father and a son brought back together again by the sacrificial love we witness in Christ’s life.

Easter Blessings,
Mike T. Alex
Executive Director of My Catholic Faith Delivered
Past President of St. James Academy

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