The Becket List

I”m sure many readers have heard of The Bucket List. It”s the movie in which characters played by Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman have terminal cancer. They decide to make the most of their remaining time by composing a “bucket list” of things they wanted to do before they die.

And then the adventures began! 

Since the new year is now only three days away, I thought I would do something a little different. So, I have composed a ”Becket” list, in honor of St. Thomas Becket, the 12th-century archbishop and martyr whose feast the Church celebrates today. The Becket list, part serious and part whimsical, contains things I would like to do before the end of the year. Without further ado (after all, I gotta get busy!), here”s my list:

(1) Recall all the blessings of 2010.

(2) Do all the things I put off till the Christmas holiday, when presumably I would “have more time.”

(3) Pray for those who “left” us this year. I”m thinking mostly of those who died in 2010, especially my oldest brother, Bob, but also of my daughter Mary Kate, who in August became Sr. Mary Kate.

(4) Figure out how to operate the kids” Wii game.

(5) Lose ten pounds (five “old” pounds and the five put on over Christmas).

(6) Finish the three books I”m presently reading (without starting a fourth until they’2012-04-24 18:32:26′re finished!).

(7) Set goals and make resolutions for 2011.

(8) Clean my office!

(9) Tax stuff. Sure, the IRS gives us extra time for some things, but as much as possible I like to have my “ducks” lined up. And surely this includes end-of-the-year donations to Catholic apostolates and charities!

(10) Playoffs! Of course I have to make plans to watch the playoff run of the Kansas City Chiefs, the AFC West champs! 

What”s on your Becket list?

3 Responses to “The Becket List”

  1. Arlene says:


    Those look somewhat what I want to do. However, I am adding some of my own:
    1. Get the oil changed in my car.
    2. Get new windshield wipers.
    3. Replace the remote that doesn”t work with my cable.
    4. Clean out the bedroom closet – it has so much stuff that needs to be thrown out!
    5. Finish doing my aerobics for the year.
    6. Finish reading a book that I started last year.
    7. Send out resumes to find a full time job – already have a part time job!
    8. Get more sleep!!!
    9. Clean house for New Year”s Day guests!
    10. Watch K-State play in the Pinstripe Bowl – hope they win!!! :)

    Happy New Year Leon!


  2. Carson Weber says:

    Leon, If I”m able to attend the Catholic New Media Celebration ( at Savior Pastoral Center there (Sept. 30 to Oct. 2, 2011), then I hope one of the 10 things on my Becket list is to see you in person!

  3. leon says:

    I second #8 of Arlene”s list (more sleep!).

    And Carson, that”s next year”s Becket list, but surely that”s something to look forward to!

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