An Inconvenient Faith

“What do you expect to achieve by questioning us? We are ready to die rather than transgress the laws of our ancestors” (2 Macc. 7:2).

The foregoing quote, from today”s Mass, is from one of the seven brothers who were tortured and killed in succession because they would not act against their religious beliefs.

We know that to deliberately choose to do evil separates us from God, such that we risk damnation if we don”t turn back to Him. Do we really believe that? Very often we act as if we don”t. We”re not faced with torture and death like the young men in Second Maccabees. For us, oftentimes it”s simply a matter of convenience.  We”ll believe so long as our faith doesn’2012-04-24 18:33:26′t challenge or inconvenience us in any way. However, once the faith calls us not to do something we”re inclined to do, then it must give way to what we want. 

Am I willing to stake my life on the Gospel? My answer speaks to how “real” my faith actually is.

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