Notre Dame and Archbishop Broglio

Two interestings items I read about today at Catholic World News:

(1) Notre Dame

Contributions declined $120 million during the fiscal year in which President Barack Obama was awarded an honorary degree. Coincidence? I think not. If one factors out governmental grants (which are about the same from year to year) and looks exclusively at contributions from private sources, this represents a 58% decline. CWN further breaks down the numbers here

(2) Archbishop Broglio

Most Reverend Timothy Broglio is the Catholic Archbishop of the U.S. Military Services. In a Catholic News Agency story, Archbishop Broglio responded to court rulings regarding the constitutionality of excluding homosexual men and women from the military, and the controversial “Don”t ask, don”t tell” policy. Archbishop Broglio points out that there is no constitutional right to enter the military, and he also noted that a repeal of “don”t ask, don”t tell” could endanger the freedom of chaplains, since “there is the danger that teaching objective moral precepts or seeking to form youngsters in the faith could be misconstrued as intolerance.” God bless him for his courageous stance.

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