Catholic News and Notes

For your edification, here are links to some noteworthy Catholic news items that I”ve come across this week:

Woman of Leisure For those who were interested in my recent post on the connection between workaholism and sloth, this interesting article by Anthony Esolen goes even deeper. 

NY bishops give priority to life issues The New York bishops issued an election-year statement that urges voters to put moral principles above selfish interests, and that the right to life outweighs other issues.

Different sort of suffering This news story chronicles the travails of Fr. Mark Gruber, O.S.B., a college and seminary professor who was accused of pornography-related misconduct. He was later exonerated and a student came forward and admitted that he downloaded pornographic material on Fr. Gruber”s computer. Now Father faces challenges to restore his good name and teaching position. While only God absolutely knows the truth about these things, I”ve known Fr. Gruber for a long time and thought there may be more to the story when news of the allegations first broke last year, as I always considered him a very solid priest. If in fact he is innocent, this is quite a different sort of redemptive suffering, isn”t it?  

Fr. Ciszek’s cause  I was happy to read that Father Ciszek”s cause is moving along. It”s hard to believe that it’2012-04-24 18:33:49′s now been 26 years since he entered eternal life. For many, many years he was an inmate in Soviet prisons and work camps, where despite tremendous privations and torture he heroically functioned as a priest. It”s one of the most compelling stories of the 20th century–and it”s true! For more on his story, check out With God in Russia or He Leadeth Me.

Bishop Olmsted comes to KC  We were most blessed to welcome Bishop Thomas Olmsted to Kansas City this past week, where he was the homilist for the annual “Red Mass” for those in law-related fields. One of the leading pro-life spokesmen in the country, Bishop Olmsted did not disappoint. The link to the Catholic Key blog has the text of the homily and accompanying commentary.

O Canada!  The canonization of St. Andre Bessette Okay, I”m prejudiced because he”s my cousin (albeit a very distant cousin) and he was canonized on my birthday last Sunday. But it”s always a great day when the Church officially proclaims that someone is a “saint.” These have been difficult years for the faithful in Canada, so may this celebration, and even more St. Andre”s intercession, be a catalyst for renewal for our neighbors to the north. 

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